snip-snap-snorum[¸snip¸snæp´snɔ:rəm] n вид игра на карти.

English-Bulgarian dictionary. 2013.

Игры ⚽ Поможем решить контрольную работу

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  • snip-snap-snorum — /snip snap snöˈrəm/ noun A children s game of turning up cards, to the calls of ‘snip’, ‘snap’ and ‘snorum’ ORIGIN: LGer snipp snapp snorum …   Useful english dictionary

  • snip — {{11}}snip (n.) 1550s, small piece of cut out cloth, probably from Dutch or Low German snippen to snip, shred, of imitative origin. Snip snap snorum, the card game, is 1755, from Low German. {{12}}snip (v.) 1580s, from SNIP (Cf. snip) (n.).… …   Etymology dictionary

  • snipsnapsnorum — |snipˌsnapˈsnōrəm, nȯr noun ( s) Etymology: Low German snipp snapp snurr, snipp snapp snorum, from snipp + snapp + snurr, snorum, interjections used during play : a game in which one player lays a card on the table, the others in turn must match …   Useful english dictionary

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